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Q2 Digital Advertising Report

It’s summer for the world, but it’s certainly blooming like spring for advertisers and publishers.  With consumers spending 15.3K USD Billion in Q2 last year, the stage is set for an exciting summer in 2024. This report is your guide through the summer landscape, revealing secrets to your success.

A Glance at Intriguing Consumer Insights

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Amitt Sharma


With over 323.56 million internet users in the US, the digital landscape is undeniably thriving. As highlighted in the report, this burgeoning online presence presents an unparalleled opportunity for brands to connect with a vast and highly engaged audience. By leveraging the insights provided, advertisers can craft targeted strategies that resonate with consumers during this pivotal time, maximizing their impact and ROI.

Urmesh Chandra

Head- Digital Marketing, Policy Bazaar

Consumer mindsets are evolving in real-time, marking a significant shift. Building enduring relationships with consumers requires brands to intensify their focus on brand building efforts. The VDO.AI Q2 Digital Advertising report vividly illustrates the evolving consumer funnels, shedding light on their changing behaviours and preferences. Consumers are placing a strong emphasis on brand identity. This report offers invaluable insights into consumer psychology, guiding advertisers on how to strategically capture maximum attention.

Rajkumar Remalli

Representative, OpenX

The summer heat feels like a refreshing breeze for advertisers. Consumers are actively shopping for everything from essentials and fashion to electronics and more. It’s no surprise that consumer electronics brands are aiming for double-digit growth this season, as highlighted in the report. This season offers abundant opportunities for brands to capitalize on. The report accurately portrays how the quarter 2 presents the perfect opportunity.

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